Proudly Serving San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara County!

Proudly Serving San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara County!

You Shouldn't Purchase a Home Without Getting an Inspection First!

Turn To Our Affordable Home Inspector
In New Cuyama, Arroyo Grande & Santa Maria, CA

Turn To Our Affordable Home Inspector
In New Cuyama, Arroyo Grande & Santa Maria, CA

Go to Closing Feeling Confident About Your Decision!

Buying a home is a major investment. This is going to be a place you and your family will call home for many many years to come so, you want to make sure you are getting what you are paying for and, that everything is in working order. I will make sure I cover every aspect of an inspection. I use the 25 standards of practice required to make sure you are getting a thorough inspection. You are welcome to follow me through the inspection, ask questions and have me explain it as I work through the process. Top Quality Home Inspections service areas are mostly on the Central Coast however, if you want to find out about you’re area just give us a call.

NEW CUYAMA buyer inspections

Buyer Inspections

Don't take anyone's word on the condition of the home you are interested in. Our inspection will show any defects or areas of concern.

ARROYO GRANDE mold inspections

Seller Inspections

It's best to get a home inspection before putting your home on the market. That way, you have the upper hand during the negotiation process.


Mobile Home Inspections

Manufactured home inspections are designed to alert prospective homebuyers of potential defects with the property they're interested in.

building of glass

Commercial Property Inspections

Clients in New Cuyama, Arroyo Grande and Santa Maria, CA choose us for commercial property inspections because we're honest and reliable.

Mold Inspections CA

Mold Inspections

Mold isn't just unflattering - it is also detrimental to your health. If you notice yourself wheezing more than normal, it could mean you have mold.

Take A Closer Look At Our
Inspection Services

With years of experience under our belt, trust us to get the job done right. You can hire us for:

  • Buyer home inspections to make sure you’re making a solid investment
  • Seller home inspections to help you maximize your return
  • Mobile home inspections to receive an honest assessment on the condition of the mobile home you’re interested in
  • Commercial property inspections to ensure your commercial property is ready to serve your business
  • Mold inspection services to protect yourself and your family from mold
Ronnie Searcy
Ronnie Searcy
February 10, 2021.
this was a test run to check out my web page
Meg Brown
Meg Brown
August 26, 2020.
After having multiple issues on the well system of our ranch, we turned to Ronnie Searcy. He gave us a meticulous inspection. His suggestions about safety improvement and security, are very professional. He is also very patient about answering our questions and concerns. His recommendations are taken into consideration. We highly recommend Ronnie Searcy.